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Genesis 34 Consequential Disobedience

Chapter of the Day: Read Genesis 34.

Meditate on Genesis 34:5 “When Jacob heard that his daughter Dinah had been defiled, his sons were in the fields with his livestock; so he did nothing about it until they came home.”

Jacob fled from his brother Esau to go his own way and settled in Shechem. In his mind, he thought this would be the safer of the two options. However, we quickly find out that it was not. In fact, his disobedience has great consequences not only for himself but for his children,

Jacob is again struggling with his old enemy fear that causes him to react with passivity to the events in chapter 24. After his daughter Dinah is raped by the son of the ruler of the area, he chooses to do nothing. He makes the excuse that because his sons are in the field he cannot yet respond. This leaves the matter to the poor decision-making skills of his sons Simeon and Levi who decide the best option is to deceive Hamor and the sons of Shechem. They then take advantage of the unsuspecting city and attack the town slaying all the men and stealing everything else as plunder. And to no surprise, Jacob’s response is completely selfish claiming that the boys had made him look obnoxious and caused the possibility of destruction to come upon them.

Jacob allowed his fear to determine his action instead of obeying God based on what he knew of His power. Notice how these patterns of passivity & deception not only hurt Jacob they hurt those who followed him the closest; his sons and daughter. While God’s promises and goodness are still true for this family even after this hardship this is an all too revealing example to how our obedience to Christ is not only for our good but also for the protection of the generations that come behind us.

Prayer: God thank you for the truth of your word. Thank you for the reminder that my sin and disobedience does have consequences to me and to those who look up to me. God please deal with the things in my heart that cause me to disobey, whether it is fear or something else, and not follow the good plans you have for my life. The plans that will lead my family to a fruitful life and not one of deception and destruction. In Jesus’ name amen.


What kind of message does Jacob’s inaction to what happened to Dinah send to the people looking on at this family and what about to Jacob’s sons?

How does Simeon and Levi’s choice to deceive Hamor and sons reflect a consequence of Jacob’s choices?

Does this event occurring change the character of God?

Is there a time in your life where you have stifled out something God has asked you to do because of fear?

How does this passage show us that the consequences of sin do not stop with us?

Memorize Romans 6:23 ” For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God us eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


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