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Genesis 26 Can’t Catch a Break

Chapter of the Day: Read Genesis 26.

Meditate on Genesis 26:27 “Isaac asked them ‘Why have you come to me, since you were hostile to me, and sent me away?’

Have you ever heard the saying when it rains it pours? That is what I imagine is on Isaac’s mind by the end of the events in chapter 26.

The chapter begins with another famine sending Isaac to the Philistines instead of Egypt by command of the Lord. We see Isaac fearfully repeat the same mistake of his father Abraham when he tells the king that Rebekah is his sister. When he is caught by the king a decree is issued that anyone who harms this man would surely be put to death.

Isaac, under God’s protection, becomes a very rich man. However, it isn’t long that he gets to enjoy it before the Philistines become envious. They fill all of his wells with dirt. This causes Abimelek to banish them from the area. Where he settles next there are many disputes over the area’s wells. He ends up moving several more times before finally landing in Beersheba and beginning to dig their own well.

Most likely, weary from all the disputes and moving you can imagine his dread when the Philistine king shows up again after putting him through all that trouble. However, this time things take a turn for good. The king seeks peace and they celebrate together with an oath to treat each other kindly. The very next day the well that they had begun strikes water.

Following God and obeying His commands is not ever easy. We will come upon opposition from others. We will likely never live in comfort for very long. And much like Isaac, we may begin to wonder when will I ever catch a break Lord? However, take note of the chapter’s ending and what the King notes of Isaac’s journey with God. Let us not grow weary of His call to obedience because His presence makes it all worth it. Every struggle is transformed for our good if even one person looks at your life and says “We saw clearly, that the Lord was with you”.

Prayer: Lord thank you that I have the greatest blessing available to me right now. I have the gift of your presence. Lord help me endure the hard parts of walking in obedience. Remind me that it is worth it because a lost person’s only encounter with your presence might happen through something you do in my life. Let that reality sink into my heart, Jesus. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Application: How did Isaac’s obedience to God’s commands ultimately bless him after he had suffered for a while?

Write down an instance when you have been able to offer encouragement to someone because of something hard God has walked you through.

Did it make the pain of that event slightly more bearable because you were able to comfort or encourage another person?

Memorize Galatians 6:9 “Let us not grow weary of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”


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