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Genesis 10 Descendants of Noah

Chapter of the Day: Read Genesis 10.

Meditate on Genesis 10:32These are the clans of Noah’s sons, according to their lines of descent, within their nations. From these the nations spread out over the earth after the flood.” 

In Genesis 10 we get a glimpse into the repopulation of the world from the lineage of Noah. In the previous chapter, we discovered that Noah’s son Ham shames his father while he is vulnerable, but his other two brothers turn the other way and cover their father’s nakedness. Noah awakes and curses Ham for the act.

Then in chapter ten, we see the types of people that descend from Ham’s line. A few listed are Egypt, Canaan, the Philistines, and Sodom & Gomorrah. These people groups would go on to become enemies of God & His people.

The sons of Noah would foreshadow the differences in between the enemy’s response and Son of God’s response to our sin. One would seek to shame us while we lay there baring all of our sins, and the other would cover our sin and look the other way. Through this story that God is unfolding, we see what the consequences would be for each line’s response and the type of people that would come from those choices.

When we are exposed to the reality of our sin we will have people and an enemy who will seek to shame us. However, God will not leave us there. As we will soon see He will more than turn His face from our sin. He is going to cover it and use it for His glory.

Let us take note of the example of these brothers and the consequences of their choices when we see a brother or sister in the exposure of their sin. Let us be people who point them to the one who can take it onto His shoulders.

Prayer: God thank you that you see our sin for what it is, but you don’t condemn us and leave us in our shame. God help me to recognize when I am responding as Ham to my brothers and sisters. Be my strength to turn and point them to you instead. You are the one that has more than covered our debt Lord. Thank you for the hope that we have in that reality. In Jesus’ name amen.

Application: Think of a time someone was hurting at the exposure of their sin. Maybe that person was you.

How can we respond as Japheth and Shem instead of Ham?

How will this one change in response ripple into the generations that follow us?

Is there an area of your life where you feel exposed and ashamed.

Memorize Romans 8:1 “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.” 

God doesn’t see your sin when He looks at you if you belong to Jesus. He sees His son. What does that mean for the way that you feel about your sin and the sins of others?

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