faith, Genesis Series

Genesis 7 Unchanging God

Chapter of the Day: Read Genesis 7.

Meditate on Genesis 7:23 “Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; people and animals and creatures that move along the ground and the birds were wiped from the earth. Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark. 

As we reflect back on Noah’s part of the story we learn a few things about God’s character in dealing with us.

  • God provides a way to Himself  (new covenant established with Noah)
  • God provides refuge ( God gives Noah, his family & the animals the ark)
  • God gives Noah the exact details of His plan ( Noah had the dimensions of the ark, instructions about the animals, he knew it would happen in seven days from the time He heard from God & that it would rain for 40 days and 40 nights)
  • God keeps His word
  • God allows Noah plenty of time to prepare, mature & continually walk in faithful obedience

As we see Noah walking faithfully with God we can take note of God’s character, and know that He is the same God to you and me now that He was then.

  • Jesus is the new covenant that bridges the gap between us and God.
  • Jesus’ sacrifice is our refuge from God’s judgment
  • We have the details laid out before us in His word & spirit.
  • We are in the times where God is preparing His bride to be returned to Him in the second coming.

The story and the characters have changed since Genesis, but the character of God has remained the same. He is still faithful to provide, prepare, and preserve those who walk in faithful obedience with Him.

Prayer: God thank you that you are unchanging. Thank you that your mercy on me is more than I ever merit on my own. God, I pray that you would give me the desire to walk faithfully with you in obedience so that I could grow and mature as Noah did leading to the restoration of your people to you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Application: Write down the first two ways that come to mind you see God preparing and maturing you to walk in obedience?

Is there something that you have been wrestling with God over?

What is He trying to teach you?

Try to span out and think about how you walking in obedience or not walking in obedience would affect the people that look up to you.

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