You’re So Skinny

Today I completed day 40 of a Beachbody program called 80 day obsession. If you haven’t been following my journey, I’m going into my third month with the company and my second program. I posted a picture of me with my kids the other day and the comment I love to HATE came flying my way.

You’re so skinny.

Hear me out here. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t love hearing that people are noticing my results. I’m even going as far to admit that “getting skinny” was a huge motivator to me getting started with Beachbody. HOWEVER, one hundred and twenty one days into this community and program my heart is desiring something deeper than skinny can give me. The spirit is singing a different tune inside my soul.

You see, skinny is empty. Skinny is physical. Skinny is not spiritual. Skinny can be the product of genetics or even sickness. Skinny is sneered at with envy by others following my journey. Skinny is not what I want people to notice about me. Skinny does not last. Skinny is vain. Skinny is not what I want my son or my daughters to remember me by. Most importantly, God doesn’t call me to be skinny. There is no ministry in being skinny. Skinny may not even be achievable by some people. I think about the times I was pregnant. I wasn’t skinny so does that mean I wasn’t worthy. No, absolutely not. So skinny is no longer what drives my journey.

Strength is what keeps me going. Over and over again I’m reminded by God’s word to be STRONG, to be disciplined, and to train. He compares this life to running a race. He tells us to strip off every weight that slows us down and to run with endurance. Right now my race is SO PHYSICALLY demanding. I have three small children to protect, love and care for every single day. It is my responsibility and my calling by the father to be strong for them! In all of our ministries we are called over and over by God to endure, to run the race, and to finish STRONG.

So yes. I’ve lost around 15 pounds and I’m 16 inches smaller. Skinny is a byproduct of this journey. The most important thing is I am STRONGER than I’ve ever been. I am running my race with endurance. I am training and strengthening my body and my mind for my ministry in this life. I am being obedient to Christ’s call in my life to be strong and courageous. I am fueling my body and my family with healthy food so I endure the hardships this life is throwing me, and so I can encourage others to do the same in their life. I continue to do the hard work so that when people look at my life I exude HIS strength and His spirit of discipline and steadfastness. I hope you see it. I hope you can see His love and commitment to you through my life and my choices. 

Everybody can’t be skinny, but everybody is called to living a life of strength.

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