Lessons From a Pine Tree: Four Principles for Persevering When Life Feels Heavy

I stared up as the wind rustled through the pines that towered over the playground. Until that moment, I’d never noticed how much weight rested on the top of a tree. Branches sagged under heavy clusters of pinecones, as if they could barely bear the burden of their fruit.  These drooping branches reminded me that,… Continue reading Lessons From a Pine Tree: Four Principles for Persevering When Life Feels Heavy


“The Devil is in the Details” Guest Post by Laura Bailey

I vividly remember the first time these words pricked my ears, causing them to stand at attention like an aroused guard dog. Years of Sunday School had taught me that the devil was bad, but life, itself, had taught me that paying attention to details was good, so this foreign, puzzling expression utterly confused my adolescent brain. Later, my father explained that the expression, the devil is in the details, meant that.......


How to Live Your Best Life

2/06/10 If I follow God's rules I will be rewarded in heaven and the chance to multiply...I'm not sure what that means, but I know good things are going to happen to those who apply His law to their lives. Above is an entry from my journal after reading a passage of scripture from the… Continue reading How to Live Your Best Life

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What Does it Look Like to be a Good Neighbor?

Jesus's greatest command was to love the Lord and love your neighbor as yourself. This begs the question, what does it look like to be a good neighbor right now? What does God's word have to say?   In the book of Numbers, we read a story about a family from the Israelites -God's chosen people.… Continue reading What Does it Look Like to be a Good Neighbor?

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Three Ways to Battle Unbelief

Nothing makes me crazy quite like when my kids whine for breakfast in the morning. It's as if they have so easily forgotten the endless amount of mornings in the past that I have risen and provided them with food without fail. As I've pondered why it is that this bothers me so much I'm… Continue reading Three Ways to Battle Unbelief

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Where is Justice for the Oppressed?

Tears streaming and smashed finger waving my middle daughter approached me. Bending low and listening in on her muffled cries I concluded that her younger sister had slammed the pantry door and caused her this great pain. One of my children is always causing another pain. This is then followed by a cry for help… Continue reading Where is Justice for the Oppressed?

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Where is God When Life is Difficult?

You have thirty days to vacate. In the past year and a half, my husband and I had moved one thousand miles away from the only place and people we had ever known. He'd started and left a job under difficult circumstances. And we had navigated the beginnings of marriage, pregnancy, and life with a newborn. Now we were being evicted from our home.

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How to Respond When Our Plans Get Interrupted

I only wanted to get a few things done in the garden before the kids started in on each other. I thought I would be witty and put them to work with me, but their attention span at two and three proved them ill-equipped for the monotonous task of weeding. I gathered materials for them to do a small activity and returned to plucking green patches of grass. The final squabble between my two toddlers sent me over the edge. After angrily gathering everything up and barking a lot of things at them I would regret later I sent them off to an early nap. Then the guilt settled in.....

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10 Affirmations to the Burned Out Mama

Words. The Bible says that the tongue is a small thing but it can bring life or death. Isn't that powerful? I've always loved words. I love to speak them and to hear them. I love to hear people's stories & struggles. I love how I feel after leaving an encouraging conversation with someone I… Continue reading 10 Affirmations to the Burned Out Mama


Prone to Wander

This year definitely has come with a theme since the tire ordeal. Trusting the Lord. I am to trust the Lord when I have four flat tires. I am to trust the Lord when the insurance lady at the doctor's office tells me how much we have to pay to give birth. I am to trust the Lord when the doctor says my cervix is measuring short, and I may have to get stitches or risk delivering Cypress way too soon. I am to trust the Lord when He tells me to drop all my classes except one. I am to trust the Lord when we have sixteen dollars left in our account until our next pay check because we've been convicted to give sacrificially but our refrigerator is empty. I am to trust the Lord when He promises me that I can pray and ask for mercy for my lost loved ones in His name and surely He will answer. I am to trust Him when nothing is going as planned, and I am to stand on His promises. I am to trust the Lord when He confirms my purpose is to serve and be a stay at home wife.


Carrying a Friend on Faith

*the following blog is an excerpt from a guest post originally featured on The Love Offering Blog Series Sadness lurked over her like a dark, stormy cloud. When days passed without seeing my friend, I became concerned. We pleaded and prayed for new life to grow inside her womb. Yet, before we could dream… Continue reading Carrying a Friend on Faith

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“3 Truths to Help You Persevere Through the Messy Middle” Guest Post by Abby McDonald

There’s nothing like the thrill of beginnings. Whether it’s a move, a new home, project or goal, the exhilaration of a fresh start fills us with momentum. Often, God gives us a vision that keeps us moving forward, even when others don’t understand our objective. We can see how we want things to turn out in our mind’s eye, and this picture propels us. But then, we reach the middle. Real, sometimes grueling work weighs us down. We might face adversity or distractions that keep us from moving with the same confidence in God’s plan. This is what happened to me several years ago, when I took a step of faith....